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As currently accepted, the state’s medical cannabis program is a little doable, raising debate as to whether it would even be worth it to open a Big Spring cannabis dispensary or extend it to Big Spring weed delivery in the first place.

The problem is that the law requires Big Spring licensed cannabis doctors in the program to write a prescription for CBD oil and eventually get a Big Spring weed card, rather than the “recommendation” that have truly work as medicinal cannabis program. People also ask about Big Spring licensed cannabis social clubs inclusion or at least with a clear written regulation.

Big Spring zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 79720 79721

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Do we need a medicinal cannabis card? For more information about licensed marijuana doctors and how to obtain your Big Spring marijuana card, please contact us or browse through our site today. You may also spend time browsing other pages of our website to know about other details like cannabis patients, qualifying conditions and doctor’s prescription.