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A continuing marijuana program in the state has approved low-THC cannabis-based products. Low-THC or at least 10 percent CBD with less than 0.5 percent THC is allowed. These MMJ cannabis-based products can be sold at a licensed Alton medical cannabis dispensary or shared by members of a licensed Alton medical cannabis social clubs.

Medical weed is not hard to find in Alton, a cannabis patient should just have to know where to find it – use Google perhaps. But if you are a patient having a hard time traveling, opt for an Alton medical cannabis delivery services.

Alton zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 78573

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An Alton medical marijuana card, or Alton MMJ card is a state issued identification that enables a patient that have a licensed Alton medical marijuana doctor recommendation to buy from a registered cannabis dispensary or delivery or cultivate marijuana for medicinal use.