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In 2017, Texas will have designated marijuana cultivators and storefront dispensaries to sell high-CBD and low-THC marijuana products. That will probably include the service of an Alice medical marijuana delivery and Alice weed social clubs. It will be a great advantage for cannabis patient if they have a lot of licensed Alice medical weed dispensaries to choose from.

The State will is gearing up for a market with licenses to retailers for medical cannabis-based products. The licenses will finally able to specify dispensaries to sell cannabis-based products with low levels of THC and high-CBD product.

Alice zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 78332 78333

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If marijuana gets legalized, can an individual still get in trouble with the law? Yes. You can get in trouble at a federal level, even if recreational or medical marijuana gets legalized in Texas. For medical marijuana, you only need a licensed Alice medical marijuana doctor to give you a recommendation for a card. This Alice medical marijuana card can let you get your meds without any trouble in the State of Texas.